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The Submission Challenge is proud to hire directly from within the local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Community creating competitive opportunities and compensation for supporters of the art💪🏼

Interested in working with the Submission Challenge ? Please complete your application below. Please review the available jobs and their descriptions before applying. It is important to understand your punctuality, commitment, and positive attitude is a huge component to the success of the Event 🙏🏼

Job Descriptions

Event Set up and Break Down Staff

Our Event Set up and Break Down gigs are the perfect opportunity for Jiu-Jitsu Athletes or Sponsors looking to put in a few hours of easy work in exchange for Event Registration for yourself or a Sponsored Athlete. This is a very important element of the organization and punctuality, flexibility, and commitment is required. Must be 18 years or Older.
Set up and breakdown Details: Event set up is a 90 min process done Friday evening before the event. Set up is after 5pm and before 8pm. Precise set up time is announced Friday morning before the event to Staff Members. Break down is a 60 Min process that occurs at the end of the event between 3pm - 5pm. A more accurate break down time is announced Friday morning before the event to Staff Members.
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Check In Staff

Must be 16 years or Older.
Check in Staff will be responsible for checking in competitors, guests, or spectators. Weighing in competitors, and other various record keeping and award distribution tasks.
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Referee positions are available to Purple Belt and above Applicants. Blue belts with previous referee experience are welcome to Apply. Referees must have a solid understanding of the EBI Overtime rules and Submission Challenge Tournament Rules. 
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***The Event Staff is critical to the Tournaments success. Before committing to a job please be sure to understand how much the event will be depending on you! Only reliable and honorable applicants please. We’ll be Counting on you! Questions? ***