Omaha Submission Challenge Jan 26th (Registration)

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Submission Challenge the Nations leading submission only tournament utilizing ISOF Rules with EBI Overtime rules. Divisions for Kids teens adults masters directors and executives. Gi and No-Gi.
Submission challenge offers Plenty of Weight classes starting at 39lbs and under up to 236lbs Plus. Skill levels for Novice White belts under 6 months experience and regular skill level based on belt levels White to Black Belt. Combined with our various age divisions, there are tons of possible divisions making for the fairest sub only competition possible.
This tournament is an open invite tournament for competitors from any affiliation or school to participate in.
We offer some of the coolest awards in the game. Beautifully designed championship medals for 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners in all regular divisions and Absolute Divisions.
Championship Belts Awarded to 1st Place winners in Adult Brown/Black Belt Gi and No-Gi Divisions all weight classes Men and Women. Youth/Teen Championship belts awarded for Youth Orange Belt and Teen Blue Belt Gi and No-Gi.
Get specifics on Divisions Details, Weight Classes, and Rules all online at